Child & Adolescent Psychology

Children and their families can encounter a whole range of behavioural and emotional problems for which professional support can help.

At Hampshire & Surrey Psychology we recognise that childhood and adolescence may not always be easy for young people or their families. When difficulties do arise it may be that they, and you, need a little extra help to get through. If your child or teenagers difficulties start interfering with their life, or with family life, professional help can make all the difference.

We work with a select group of trusted partners who provide high quality assessment, counselling and therapy services to assist in easing psychological distress and promoting emotional well-being in children ranging from preschool to late teens/young adult and their families. Our partners work in a collaborative manner, working with families to gain a full understanding of the difficulties and determine the most effective way forward. This may involve one-to-one sessions with children or young people; sessions where parents attend with their child/children; family sessions; or group sessions where young people or families with similar concerns work together to find solutions.

Who We Can Help

The list below describes some of the types of difficulties that our partners can help with – although by no means is this list exhaustive:

  • Anxiety (fears, phobias, worries, obsessions, OCD)
  • Depression and low mood
  • Trauma
  • Self Harm
  • Challenging behaviours/tantrums
  • Pre-school Problems
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Anger & aggression
  • Attachment problems
  • Attention and concentration problems
  • Self esteem
  • Family relationships
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Preschool difficulties (eating, sleeping, toileting, tantrums)
  • Problem Eating
  • Adjustment to life events (divorce, changing schools, bereavement)
  • Bullying & peer relationships
  • Parenting

Our partners help children, adolescents and their families who may be experiencing behavioural or emotional problems.

We are always happy to discuss any difficulties that you or your child may be experiencing even if it is not listed above. There is no obligation to make an appointment, so please do give us a call on 02381 661 208 or send us an email at . In circumstances where we are unable to help we will endeavour to point you in the direction of the appropriate services.

In addition to providing psychological assessment and therapy, our trusted partners are also able to offer cognitive assessments for children aged 5 – 18 years old.

Cognitive assessments include a 2 hour assessment plus feedback session and provide a detailed cognitive profile, details of strengths and weaknesses across different aspects of intelligence (including processing speed, working memory, verbal reasoning, and spatial skills) as well as overall IQ scores.