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Contemporary Psychotherapy

Contemporary psychotherapy is an approach, which has emerged, from the work of the leading pioneers in the field who advanced our understanding of how people can recover from difficulty and manage their life in a way they are happier with. Contemporary psychotherapy is informed by the most useful and current elements of psychotherapy practice with individuals and groups. This means that the Contemporary Psychotherapist is likely to use concepts, strategies and specific interventions from a range of therapeutic orientations responding to the needs of each individual.

Contemporary Psychotherapy focuses on the cause of the client’s challenges, their immediate needs and their future wellbeing. This includes the client’s management of their condition or situation, potential recovery and personal development, for now and in the manageable future. It draws upon the client’s current context, needs and resources making it a highly individualized approach. It is not time limited and so can be used as a short- or long-term therapy approach. This form of psychotherapy can be used to treat a varied range of difficulties which an individual can experience.

Contemporary Psychotherapy utilises the client’s naturally occurring experiences of lesser or greater relaxation, daydreaming and other meditative states. The contemporary psychotherapist is able to notice, synchronise and utilise these cycles to support the client in their process of change. Some types of challenges or problems respond well to using our natural rhythms in a more formal way through hypnotherapy which may be offered as an option if appropriate.


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