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EFT for chronic pain and chronic disease management

EFT is a unique therapy that involves the client tapping on points on their head, upper body and hands as a part of the therapy. It is also known as ‘tapping therapy’ or ‘acupuncture without needles’. It has been evaluated for use in NHS services and is currently being used in NHS treatment centres in Devon, Humberside, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Tyneside and Edinburgh to name a few.

EFT can be used to address many difficulties and is gentle enough to be used by people in chronic pain. It has been successfully used to work with people suffering from fibromyalgia and has been used in conjunction with other medical and psychotherapeutic approaches to bring about rapid and lasting relief from symptoms. A recent study concluded in 2015 in the UK, found EFT helped women suffering with breast cancer who were already receiving medical treatment for the disease to cope much better with their medication and the low mood that often accompanies it.

A surprise finding of this study was that the women receiving Tamoxifen and Aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer slept for better and longer and had fewer side effects from their medication, once they had begun EFT treatment.

EFT is one of the energy psychologies and as such is related to EMDR. EFT has been widely studied in its application to treating trauma and PTSD. The studies all found that EFT was effective. Additionally, EFT has been used to address chronic headaches, exam nerves, phobias and weight loss.