David Winter


(Child and Adolescent)

I am a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and have worked in both the NHS and the Charitable sector for the past twenty five years. I have worked with children with mild to severe emotional  problems, ranging from mild anxiety to anorexia and self- harm.

In my work, I assess and treat infants, children and young people, and work with their parents, carers and networks surrounding them. Children and young people who have emotional and  mental health problems, which can be severe and long lasting, may respond to situations with behaviours that they do not understand or are unable to control. Their emotions can be severe and powerful and are often expressed through their behaviour and through their relationships.

As a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, I help a child or adolescent understand themselves better through the relationship that develops in the therapeutic context. The problems identified in this relationship often shed light on relationships with others in the outside world, whether in the past or present. During a therapeutic session, young children will communicate through play, older children through art and painting and adolescents through talking. Through the relationship with the therapist the child is able to communicate their most troubling thoughts and feelings.

The extensive training of a Child Psychotherapist, seven years, allows them to work with very disturbing thoughts and help the child make sense of their experience and develop their own sense of individuality and potential.

Confused, angry, hurt, painful or frightened feelings can be put into words rather than actions. As a result a child can express their emotions in a less disturbing way and continue along the path of child development. They are likely to feel less anxious, more able to learn and able to form stronger relationships.