Ethna Mathews

BA (Hons), H.D.(Lon), MA Art Psychotherapy, B.A.A.

Art Psychotherapist

Art Psychotherapy

Core Training

B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art.

H.D (Lon) Slade School of Fine Art, University College London.

M.A. Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths College, University of London.


 Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC)

British Association of Art Therapists (B.A.A.T)

How I work:

After an initial assessment of the clients needs and using a psychodynamic approach, with art media as the primary mode of communication I work with the client for a period of up to six weeks.

Using art can enable difficult thoughts and feelings to be looked at in a safe and contained space and children and adolescents often find an art psychotherapeutic intervention beneficial in clarifying and addressing their presenting problems.

After a review this may continue for additional six week blocks depending on the presenting issues.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is usually a long term therapy lasting up to two years but can be also used with clients to affect a change in behaviours as a short term focussed therapy.


Following two years as a senior manager and counsellor with The Refugee Council I worked as an artist and community arts manager for over 10 years in primary, secondary and higher education working with young people and adolescents.

Whilst working within CAMHS NHS setting I have been responsible for a caseload of complex assessment, treatment and consultation work with children, adolescents and their families, with problems of behavioural, emotional, psychological or mental health issues.

I have worked a member of the multidisciplinary team providing child and mental health services, contributing to both the generic and specialist work of the multidisciplinary Tier 3 CAMHS NHS team.

I am able to work sensitively with families from a wide range of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.

This includes the ability to understand and offer therapeutic interventions to a variety of family forms including single parents, same sex couples and their families, extended families and people with mental health difficulties.

Having worked with a disciplinary team which was was responsible for assessing and delivering intervention to children, young people, up to 18 years old, and their families/ carers in relation to a range of highly complex emotional, psychological and behavioral problems.

I have also worked as a member of an NHS community learning disabilities team with adults with learning disabilities and inherited genetic conditions.

I have the ability to manage complex cases which could involve:

  • OCD,
  • Depression.
  • Psychosis.
  • Anger management.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Sleeping difficulties.
  • Emotional difficulties.
  • Relationship difficulties.
  • Anxiety.
  • Self-harm.
  • Gender and LGBTQ issues.

I have worked for the London museum service running therapeutic art groups for adults with enduring psychological and mental health problems.

I currently work as a studio manger for ThestudioUpstairs, a charity providing psychological intervention for adults with severe and enduring mental health problems.

I utilise my past experience of working for local authorities, school’s, universities and Refugee council to be a reflexive and reflective practitioner.

I am a practising artist keep up to date with relevant training.

From December I will be providing CATT ,Children’s Accelerated Trauma Treatment, an internationally recognised treatment specially designed for children who have experienced trauma.