Jennifer Stickney

BSc Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist


BSc Occupational Therapy, University of Liverpool.  Qualifying in 1997


Further Training

Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)

Evaluation of Social Interaction (ESI)

Sensory Processing for Mental Wellbeing (Adolescent and Adult Sensory Profile)

Group Schema Therapy

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Part 1 – 4 Awarded by Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

Registration and Professional Membership

Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT)

Clinical Experience

The act of “Doing” is essential for good mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Since 1997 I have been working as an Occupational Therapist supporting people with mental illness, personality difficulties and learning disabilities in assessing and developing skills that are needed to enable each individual to function to their optimal level in everyday living activities.

I work within the Model of Human Occupation to ensure a full understanding is gained on how someone engages within their environment, and the skills that are important to them in order to live a fulfilled life.  From this I am able to identity the obstacles that are present that might be hindering effective functioning in every day living activities, and then work with the individual in either skill development or environmental change to enable them to achieve the goals they wish to achieve in their lifestyle.

I am passionate about working with individuals who have lost their identity, their role in life and feel lost as a result of this, causing mental distress and difficulties in engaging in every day life.  This can come at any time of life following eg, personal illness, illness or death of someone close, lifestyle changes, disability and trauma – both childhood and later life.  In this situation I work closely with the individual to identity skills, goals and levels of motivation to support skill development.  I then work in a graded process to support achieving the goal reviewing regularly.

I am qualified in the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS), which identifies difficulties in both Motor and Process skills when engaging in everyday activities, and the Evaluation of Social Interaction (ESI) which focuses on assessing difficulties in social interaction and how this impacts on engaging in everyday activities.

I am an experienced practitioner in sensory processing and sensory modulation and use the Adolescent / Adult Sensory Profile, to support individuals understanding their sensory systems to assists developing plans to support skill development in emotional regulation through using our senses.  This approach can be particularly rewarding to support young people in concentrating in school, and adults who find sensory modulation and emotional regulation challenging.

I currently work within the NHS with people with complex mental health needs, predominantly personality difficulties who pose a risk to others.  All initial consultations will take place within Rowan House, after this I will predominantly use the community to meet the treatment goals of each individual.

Working area

Southampton to Swanage, Weymouth, Blandford, Wimborne