Kayleigh Rainbird

Play Therapist

Play Therapy

Core Training

Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy overseen by Leeds Beckett University with Play Therapy UK.

Registered under

Play Therapy UK, regulated by Professional Standards Authority.

My background and clinical work

I have a diploma in play therapy, and I’m registered with Play Therapy UK. I studied under Leeds Beckett University. In the past I have worked as a play therapist in special needs schools and I specialise in play therapy with children on the Autistic Spectrum. I have two locations for my private practice; Petersfield and Basingstoke. I help children with a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, social difficulties and poor emotional regulation. I have worked with children for over ten years, my background has been predominantly in the early years sector as a nursery practitioner which has given me knowledge of child development and the importance of attachment. In play therapy I form a therapeutic relationship with the child by accepting the child and following their lead, enabling them to feel safe to be themselves and achieve self-growth.

How I work

I work with children ages 4 to 16. When a client is referred to me I will have an initial meeting with parents or the referrer. This is to gather an overview of the client’s needs and to agree a person-centred treatment plan for the child. Children naturally communicate and express themselves through play and sometimes find it difficult to verbalise their emotions. Play therapy provides children with other forms of communication and expression; I use a range of toys and equipment which features creative arts materials including sand and clay, therapeutic stories, puppets, miniatures, musical instruments and I use creative visualisation techniques as well. I recommend a review meeting after twelve sessions and closing meeting at the end of the therapy. I also therapeutic life story work, this is given once a client has had a number of sessions and is emotionally ready.