Couples Counselling

What is Couple counselling?

Couple counselling is an opportunity to explore and enhance understanding through discussion in a safe, private and confidential setting.
It is also an opportunity to examine what may be troubling you and your partner; giving you both a chance to work together to look at how the past, current issues and potential or future changes may impact the relationship.
The aim is also to increase self-awareness enabling you both to make informed choices about your lives, and to feel more confident in your futures; whether that be together or separately. During the counselling you will have time to talk issues through which may help to create clarity for both individuals enabling you to improve your situation.
We work with couples to enhance communication and understanding of each other as a means of reducing conflict and pain which is often what brings couples into therapy.
As a Counsellors and Therapists working with couples we are committed to facilitating this process; believing strongly that if we help clients to feel content in their relationships there will be a positive impact on all other areas of their lives.
Understanding ourselves and others can lead to a reduction in stress and conflict in all our relationships, not just intimate ones but those with our wider family, friends and work colleagues.