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We understand that family members with a loved one who has overwhelming emotions and self-destructive habits or who has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder can sometimes feel blamed for their loved one’s disorder. Sometimes struggling to understand and frustration at not knowing how to help can be expressed as anger or withdrawal. Repeated experiencing of what might seem irrational behaviours can lead to a pattern of negative interactions and strained relationships.

When families learn about BPD and learn some DBT skills, they have the tools they need to reduce the number and intensity of distressing or aggressive incidents in the home (and in the relationship) and so help reduce the suffering of their loved one. Family members who can learn more appropriate and skilful means of coping and responding to their loved one’s needs can also benefit from positive changes in their relationship.

If you understand and know what to do, you can develop the qualities of acceptance and compassion for your loved one and so feel more hopeful about the future.

We can offer:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning meetings with your loved one.
  • Collaboratively work in helping manage risky behaviours and develop shared safety plans.
  • Sessions to understand BPD and learn DBT skills.
  • Sessions to help you and your loved one to work through repeated unhelpful patterns of interactions and behaviour.


Between 21st Dec and 2nd Jan we are operating a limited service so response times are likely to be longer than usual. If you need urgent help please contact your GP, the Samaritans (116123) or attend your local A&E department