What is Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)?

Solution focused therapy (SFT) focuses on what clients want to achieve through therapy rather than on the problem that made them seek help. The approach does not focus on the past, but instead, focuses on the present and future.

What Ideas Underly Solution Focused Therapy?

Two main ideas underly SFT:

Firstly, nobody is perfect and this applies to our problems as well as everything else. If no-one can ‘do’ their problem perfectly there must always be times when they don’t do them so well. These times are called exceptions. Whatever the person is doing differently at these ‘exceptional’ times will be the basis of a potential solution. Part of the therapist’s task is therefore to discover whatever a person is already doing which might contribute to the resolution of the problem with which they have come. To support this, questions are asked about the client’s story, strengths and resources, and about exceptions to the problem.

The second simple idea is that knowing where you want to get to makes the getting there much more likely. One of the common consequences of a serious problem is that it clouds our view of the future. We know that we don’t want the problem but we have lost sight of what it is we do want. Solution focused therapists explore what life might be like if the problem was solved. As the answers to these questions gradually unfold both therapist and client begin to get a picture of where they should be heading. The clearer this becomes the greater the possibility of it beginning to happen.

With a vision of a preferred future the therapist and client start attending to any moves towards it whether these are small increments or large changes.

What Happens in Solution Focused Therapy Sessions?

Following an initial assessment, this approach may be used alone or in conjunction with aspects of other therapies. This flexibility is maintained so that the needs of the individual can be met and the most appropriate therapeutic strategies employed. The number of sessions you will be seen for will be discussed at the assessment and reviewed regularly.

Where Can I Find More Information?

More information on SFT can be found by following the link www.solutionfocused.net